Episode 145

May the Best of Your Today's Be the Worst of Your Tomorrow's: Ben McDougal's Insights on Entrepreneurship

Health Equity
June 27, 2023

In this Episode:

In this enlightening episode, our host Corey Dion Lewis sits down with the multifaceted entrepreneur, Ben McDougal. Dive into a conversation that bridges the gap between entrepreneurship and public health, highlighting how these worlds intertwine to create impactful change.


Short Bio: Ben McDougal is an author, founder, technologist, investor, and entrepreneurial ecosystem builder in the connected era.

What You'll Discover in This Episode:

  • [00:26] Ben's Origin Story: Explore Ben's journey from early entrepreneurial ventures to becoming a community influencer.
  • [03:16] Entrepreneurship Meets Public Health: Insights on how entrepreneurship can positively affect social determinants of health.
  • [06:58] Embracing an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle: Uncovering the essence of creativity and innovation in all sectors.
  • [10:43] Building Communities: The vital role of networking and genuine connections in business success.
  • [17:37] The Side Hustle Experience: Ben and Corey share personal anecdotes and strategies for managing side hustles effectively.
  • [22:55] Art of Quitting and Pivoting: Learning when to make crucial shifts in your business approach.
  • [27:22] Solo Entrepreneurship vs. Team Dynamics: Exploring the challenges and benefits of working solo or in a team.
  • [29:57] Ben's Book Journey: A glimpse into Ben's process of writing and distilling his entrepreneurial experiences.

Corey's Takeaway:
A powerful closing message from our guest, filled with inspiration and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and public health enthusiasts alike.

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